Be Inspired at Home with these Digital Art and Design Experiences

Be inspired at home with these digital art and design experiences
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Art inspires better living. With our homes as our canvas, what better way to express personality at home with a bit of art and home design?  More than giving your home a voice, art also has therapeutic benefits that help balance your thoughts and emotions.

The world of art can be a chaotic, colourful mess. Home design trends also change all the time. With so much creative energy to take in, picking the right artwork or design for your home can be tiring and painstakingly difficult.

Looking for inspiration for your next art and design idea? Explore these digital art and design experiences from the comfort of your own home.


5 digital art and design experiences to get you inspired


Digital art experiences at New York’s Guggenheim Museum
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  1. Take a virtual tour of New York’s Guggenheim Museum

Known affectionately as “The Gugg”, New York’s Guggenheim Museum features an impressive gallery of postmodern, conceptual and installation art. Notable artists whose works are on display here include esteemed French painters Paul Cezanne and Georges Braque, as well as German-American artist-educator Josef Albers.

It’s also a beautiful ode to the world’s most creative minds. Many visit just to see one of the world’s most instagrammable staircases. Architectural genius meets artistic flair in the museum’s many galleries, with divisions that are barely noticed and galleries that flow like a seamless journey.

Imagine simpler, more open worlds with impressionist paintings or see new possibilities in the colour bricolage of postmodernist art. Want to get creative together with your kids? Sign them up for the museum’s At-home art classes and embark on an immersive experience together with the museum’s in-house instructors.


Art experience at British Museum
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  1. Go back in time at The British Museum

The first national museum in the world continues to draw all studious and curious persons to its doorstep. The British Museum’s collection of 8 million objects is so vast, the museum is actually the world’s largest indoor space on Google Street View.

Museums tell narratives. Some stories entertain, others bore. But The British Museum tells the story of the human world. With historically important artifacts like the Rosetta Stone and collections dating back to the dawn of time, you’ll find it difficult not to leave inspired.

Be persuaded by the beauty of Orientalist paintings of Africa and the Middle East, and take in the fascinating depictions of ancient Rome left behind by Neoclassicist printmaker Piranesi. Want more insights from the museum’s experts?  Tune in to their downloadable podcasts here.


Design experiences at PIcasso Museum
(image credit: https://www.barcelonacheckin.com/)


  1. Pay a visit to Picasso at the Picasso Museum

Why not have a self-directed masterclass with the Father of Cubism himself? Barcelona’s Picasso Museum showcases Picasso’s life in 4251 works – all of which can be viewed on their virtual tour. Cubism’s emphasis on multiple viewpoints and distinct planes makes it an ideal source home design inspiration, and the Picasso Museum’s collection is an excellent place to start.

Picasso’s cubist art feel abstracted and somewhat disjointed, as if fragments of multiple objects are pieced together on one canvas. This re-imagining of objects opens infinite possibilities for art. When applied at home, cubism can also produce incredibly unique interior design, like this eye-catching apartment by Gemelli Design Studio.

Dedicated to Picasso, the museum’s galleries offer an immersive look into the life of the art world’s great thinker. Want a daily dose of cubist inspiration? Follow the museum’s regular updates with the social media hashtag #MuseoPicassoVirtual.


Luxury experience at MoMA
(image credit: https://hypebeast.com/)


  1. Take a dive into art with MoMA’s online courses

When it comes to art and design, few are as authoritative as New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It is a stage all artists strive to stand on. It is a space where art constantly evolves. For those in search of new ideas, MoMA is where inspiration is shaped and found.

The museum now makes its expertise widely available not just via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on topics ranging from contemporary art to fashion design, but also througheducational teaching resources and short Do-It-Yourself art-making activities you can do at home. If you’re looking for advice on how to understand, make and use art, you will find what you need here.


Art experiences at Global Street Art Agency
(image credits: https://www.globalstreetart.agency/)


  1. Go wild with street art around the world with Global Street Art

Self-styled as the largest street art archive in the world, Global Street Art has more than 100 000 images submitted by street artists determined to make paintings out of the world we live in. Commercially, the foundation also does hand-painted advertisements and commissioned murals for real estate.

Street art is recognised for its loud, edgy and often wild style. Global Street Art’s blog immediately evokes all this at first glance.  With drab urban facades for canvases, the street art you’ll find here will easily impress not just for their vividness, but sheer scale (some are literally an apartment block high).

Want to add some raw creativity at home? Global Street Art also has an in-house online art store selling prints of unique street art done by their artists.


Add a long-lasting touch of creativity at home with BUTLER

Picking the right artwork or design for your home isn’t easy, and keeping works of art in excellent condition can be difficult too.

Airborne contaminants, extreme light and high temperatures can not only distort artwork, but also damage them beyond repair. Paintings, for example, should also not be placed near areas of high ozone concentration, such as computer and TV screens and areas at home that have high-voltage electricity. Depending on the art medium, how a work of art is stored can also alter its state significantly.

Adding some inspiration at home doesn’t have to be this exhausting. With our butler with years of experiences and extensive knowledge in fine art, leave the care and storage to us. Our trained housekeepers make sure that your art works are cared for, managed and properly stored according to art medium and your home conditions.


All you need to do is simply focus on picking the right art for your home with our Butler service. Get in touch with us to arrange for a consultation today!

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