Capture the Sea on your Taste Buds with these Top 5 Seafood Feasts

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With so much delicious seafood around, Singapore is truly blessed with the ocean’s bounty.

It would be a disservice to confine Singapore’s seafood restaurants to just this list, but those that make the cut truly promise to place the splendor of the sea right on your lips.

From stalwarts to rising stars, here are Singapore’s top 5 seafood feasts your taste buds cannot afford to miss.


Top 5 Seafood Feasts in Singapore


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  1. Long Beach @ Dempsey

Long Beach needs no introduction.

The creator of Singapore’s world-famous black pepper crab dish, this establishment has been a mecca for seafood aficionados around the world. Diners can expect only seafood dishes of the highest quality here.

A glimpse at the menu instantly highlights Long Beach’s commitment to excellent seafood. From Alaskan King crab to rare golden strip lobsters, only the rarest of the ocean’s treasures find their way onto the menu.


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  1. Red House Seafood

Since 1976, Red House Seafood’s signature lanterns have beckoned savvy patrons to a flavourful seafood banquet.

This establishment’s menu represents some of the best seafood Singapore has to offer.

But on top of that, it is also a tribute to the wealth of cultural influences – Chinese, Indian, Malay, Peranakan – that make Red House Seafood’s dishes so tantalizing.

Red House Seafood also deserves a spot on this list because of their impressive range of culinary creations you’ll find nowhere else in Singapore. Indulge in fresh prawns coated with creamy custard sauce, or excite the senses with their Thai-inspired Spicy Seafood Combination.


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  1. No Signboard Seafood

Another stalwart in Singapore’s seafood scene, No Signboard Seafood takes pride in their widely acclaimed White Pepper Crab.

What makes No Signboard Seafood stand out from other grand old establishments is that simple flavours that hark back to their humble roots can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with more opulent dishes.

Guests can enjoy classics like cereal prawn and Chili Crab and venture further into innovative new dishes like Abalone Lotus Leaf rice at select branches.


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  1. Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

Commanding an impressive panorama of Marina Bay, Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant has been making waves for its equally splendid seafood cuisine.

At this fast-rising establishment, beloved local seafood classics bring out the best in every day’s catch. Quality is strictly observed here, and guests can look to the assortment of live seafood on display in a tank placed within the dining area.

Just like Red House Seafood, Majestic Bay also has its own exclusive dish. Be sure to try their unique “Kopi Crab”, succulent mud crab soaked in a specially curated house blend of 3 different coffee varieties.


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  1. Dancing Crab

Another popular newcomer to Singapore’s seafood scene is the Dancing Crab.

Recognised as one of the best places to enjoy American-Singaporean fusion-style seafood in Singapore, the Dancing Crab entices diners with authentic Cajun-Creole dishes with a local twist.

This establishment’s menu also features exquisite catches such as Boston lobsters, king crabs and Dungeness crabs.

Unlike the other entrants on this list however, the Dancing Crab invites diners to get their hands dirty. With finger-licking cajun goodness, who wouldn’t?


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