Healthier Pantry Makes for Healthier Employees

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The pantry is not merely a space in the office for employees to officially take a quick respite from work and munch on a chocolate bar in between working hours to refuel themselves; it is also a communal spot for co-workers to get together to forge stronger bonds over light-hearted conversations. First popularized in the 1960s, pantries have become a ubiquitous sight in offices worldwide today. Despite the significant role played by the office pantry in elevating the mood and psychological well being of employees, it is also one of the most overlooked places in the office, with office managers often neglecting its importance in contributing towards a happy and healthy workplace. Office pantry services today come in different shades and colours. Not all of them are the same though. Do you know how BUTLER’s office pantries service differs from other companies’?


Before we delve into that, let us first take a look at the benefits of having a healthy pantry.




  • Boosts employees’ energy level and focus

Craving for a sugar-rush? Well, you won’t get that from a healthy pantry, but neither will you have to fret over the immense lethargy that ensures soon after you wolf down a chocolate-chip cookie. That’s because snacks catering to your sweet tooth, such as cupcakes and chocolate bars, usually possess a high glycemic index, which means that they tend to release glucose quickly into your bloodstream. In contrast, food items with a lower glycemic index, such as fresh fruits and macadamia nuts, do the exact opposite by releasing glucose slowly and more steadily into your bloodstream. This helps to prevent sudden sugar ‘spikes’ and leaves you feeling energized and focused over a longer period.


  • Heightens employees’ productivity

The practice of getting your employees to clock overtime to heighten productivity is an anachronistic one — instead, what you should be doing is to supply your office’s pantry with wholesome goodies to improve your employees’ health. As your employees are healthy, they will naturally be more productive and produce more output given the same number of working hours. Examples of “super foods” you might want to stock up your pantry with include berries — in particular blueberries — which are known for their galore of brain-bolstering antioxidants.


  • Makes employees happy

Nothing beats a quick break from work to munch on a healthy snack from the pantry in terms of ecstasy — you will be surprised at the difference that healthy foods can make to your employees’ happiness levels. Proven mood-uplifting snacks include dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao, which boosts employees’ happiness by raising endorphin count. To make your employees even more overjoyed, why not consider compiling a bucket list of items they wish to see in the pantry, and give them a pleasant surprise on a Monday morning? You can bet that they will definitely be looking forward to coming to work for the rest of the week!


Since ancient times, food has been the unparalleled way for people to come together through feasting on a repertoire of scrumptious delights that they share a common love for; yet, you would also probably have realized by now that it is especially common for some people to get accidentally left out during mealtimes due to special dietary requirements. This is why you should stock up your pantry with healthy snacks that are vegan and/or gluten free to let this special group of employees know that they are being included in the workplace. After all, actions speak a thousand times louder than words.




How BUTLER’s Office Pantry Service Differs From Other Office Pantry Services


  • We place your health as our foremost priority

We believe that workers’ health should be the foremost concern of any company because employees are a company’s biggest asset. As such, we have specially designed our office pantry menu to be as salubrious as possible, possessing wholesome substitutes such as energy bars, or healthier options such as low-fat milk. We even go to the extent of taking note of the calories and nutrients of all the snacks in our office pantry menu to ensure that your employees obtain the optimal amount of energy from them!


  • We stock up your pantry regularly

Ever engaged the services of an office pantry service before and found that your service was constantly delayed? Or worse still, the company had completely failed to restock your pantry on several occasions?

We never fail to stock up your office pantry according to your indicated frequency (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly). Priding ourselves in our ability to serve with excellence and unmatched service reliability in the entire industry, we are always ready to deliver your ordered snacks to your office pantry on time.


  • We have a huge variety of snacks for you

Be it fresh fruits to cater to the health junkies in your office or cupcakes to cater to those with a sweet tooth, BUTLER has got a huge variety of available snacks covered. As our employees are all food-lovers, we know which pantry snacks taste the best, and are also always in the loop of what the latest treats to hit the market are — and whether they are as mouth-watering as they claim to be.

What further distinguishes us from the crowd is that we do not have a fixed menu of food items that you can only stock up your pantry with. Instead, we operate on a customisable arrangement to allow you to choose your favourite snacks from a wide range of local and international food suppliers to meet your heart’s desire.


  • We maximise the value of your purchase


Understanding that any office manager would definitely want to get the biggest bang for their buck when engaging an office pantry service, we strive to maximise the value of your purchase by only sourcing premium pantry snacks made from ingredients of the highest quality possible. For example, our light, meringue-like French macarons are baked to perfection using the finest almond-flour, confectioners’ sugar and egg-whites. Guaranteed to melt in your mouth, our airy French macarons are just one out of the many pantry snacks on our office pantry menu that we carefully source from our distributors to ensure that you and your colleagues only deserve the best.


Imagine drearily stepping your office on a Monday morning, with your mind bogged down by the mountain of work that has already been piled up on your desk. You head over to the pantry to make a quick cup of coffee to freshen yourself up, and you cannot help but notice that the pantry had already been restocked to the brim with the latest nourishing snacks, ranging from fresh Caesar salads to exquisite French macarons. You take a bite into a flavourful macaron, and the layered gamut of sweetness that envelops your taste buds immediately makes your day. Well, with BUTLER around, we turn your saccharine dreams into the sweetest reality. Contact us today to learn more about our office pantry services and to request for a quotation!



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At BUTLER, we are driven to serve with excellence in everything we do.

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