Not sure if you need a property manager? Here’s a checklist

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As a property owner, managing your own property by yourself can be fulfilling.

But personally overseeing your property may become difficult, even unfeasible, at times. All that time spent managing your property could have been better spent making your day even more productive.

When you need help managing your property, a property manager is an ideal asset to have.

But what exactly does a property manager do, and do you really need a property manager at all?

Depending on your needs, a property manager may or may not be the solution you’re looking for.


What do property managers in Singapore do?


In Singapore, property managers are simply individuals or entities who are responsible for maintaining the state of the property.

Examples of property management companies in Singapore include Jones Lang Lasalle, Savills, Abacus Property Management – and BUTLER.


Jll, Butler, Savills and Abacus are all property managers in Singapore.


They do so by ensuring that building compliance and construction standards are well-met, and also that amenities, facilities and systems within a building are functioning well.

On the other hand, property managers in Singapore do not:

  • Collect rent
  • Lease or manage tenants
  • Screen potential tenants
  • Settle rental or neighbour-to-neighbour disputes
  • Market or sell your property

For these functions, you’ll need to look for a property agent instead.


So, when do you need a property manager?


As professionals trained to effectively oversee the condition of a property, property managers take over the responsibility of building maintenance.

Still, that doesn’t mean that every property owner needs, or even benefits, from having a property manager.

Ideally, you’ll want a property manager to help oversee your property if:


1. You own a property too large to maintain by yourself


(image credit: 99.co) Maintaining a spacious home can be exhausting.


A spacious home is a true blessing in land-scarce Singapore, but keeping it in shape can be an unpleasant chore that demands too much of your time.

In Singapore, the minimum plot size of a semi-detached home and bungalow is 200 and 400 square metres respectively. This figure is roughly doubled with an additional storey. For good class bungalows, the minimum plot size starts at 1400 square metres instead.

Personally overseeing every aspect of homes this large can be overwhelming, especially when home cleaning consumes free time over the weekend – time better spent recharging with friends and family.

A grand abode takes a grand effort to maintain. If your property is too large to personally maintain, a property manager is an ideal solution for you.


2. You own a property with amenities that require specialised care


(image credit: Kaodim) Some home amenities may require technical expertise to properly maintain.


On the other hand, some properties require expertise more than manpower to effectively maintain.

While these properties may vary in size, they often have amenities such as:

  • Lawns and gardens
  • Swimming pools
  • Home theatres
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Automatic sprinkler systems
  • Patios
  • Garages

These amenities require different fields of expertise to properly maintain.

It can also be significantly costlier to hire individual contractors to oversee each and every one of them. And even if you do fork out the additional cost, you’ll likely have to spend more time and energy personally coordinating with each and every contractor.

If you own a property that has amenities requiring specialised care, you should consider hiring a property manager.


3. You are not living in proximity to your properties


(image credit: AsiaOne) If your property is in a far-flung location like Sentosa Cove, a property manager can provide the help you need.


Living on the other side of Singapore or residing elsewhere in the world?

Making sure your property is in proper condition requires you to regularly check on them. That can be difficult if you’re not physically present in Singapore, or if constantly shuttling down to your property takes up too much time.

If physically overseeing your properties on your own is unfeasible or downright impossible, a property manager can save you a lot of trouble – and give you a peace of mind.

4. You own a portfolio of properties


(image credit: SKCSPC) Reap your investments effortlessly with a property manager maintaining your portfolio.


Overseeing just one property by yourself can be tricky. A whole portfolio of properties with different sizes and features? That can quickly overwhelm even seasoned property owners.

A portfolio of properties compounds all of the issues raised earlier – some properties may be too large, others may have many amenities that require specialised care, and your properties may be geographically dispersed across Singapore.

Having to keep all of them in peak condition can place a heavy strain on your time, energy – and even finances.

If you have multiple properties to maintain ,you should consider hiring a property manager.


5. You simply want a fuss-free lifestyle without having to personally manage your property


Kick back and relax with a property manager helping you run your show.


Ultimately, a property manager helps you find balance by elevating the living experience in your properties while taking over the responsibilities of overseeing them.

Just as hotels afford you effortless refreshment, a home well-maintained by a property manager promises effortless comfort too.

And that’s all it takes to make life all the more rewarding.

Regardless of what type of property you own, come home with peace of mind and unlock more free time for friends and family with a property manager watching over your safe harbour.


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