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World’s first hospitality service for apartments


  • In addition to having the world’s first daily housekeeping for apartments, ButlerInSuits now offers property management and concierge services as well.
  • The new service allows busy millennials to shorten to-do lists and spend time productively.
  • ButlerInSuits is promoting a higher quality of living and time spent


Singapore: ButlerInSuits, the world’s first hospitality service company, has newly introduced property management and concierge services in addition to its daily housekeeping service. The subscription-based program brings hotel experience to the customers’ homes, while providing its employees with a rewarding career and competitive compensation.


The addition of property management and concierge services is a response to the growing to-do lists and decreasing free time that millennials in Singapore have been facing. For a fee starting at $330/month, customers can simply email or call ButlerInSuits to take care of their daily chores such as booking flights, renovating the kitchen, shopping for a coveted limited-edition item, and fixing aircon, among many. These new services provide a solution to the changing lifestyles and paradox of choice faced by millennials, while bringing a modern twist to our traditional idea of butlers. Customers range from single professionals, couples, to families that need an extra helping hand in their busy lives.


The all-inclusive service is powered by its full-time employees, which helps communications between the service and its customers stay consistent while minimizing lost time created by hiring contractors on-demand. ButlerInSuits is dedicated in the empowerment of its employees and in challenging industry norms, which often excludes benefits and possibilities for career progressions. In addition to providing opportunities for all motivated individuals, employees receive a salary above the market rate, work from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and receive proper training.


“Right now, we are on a new adventure to reposition ourselves from the world’s first housekeeping company to the world’s only hospitality service company by opening up new value, benefits, and service capacity for our customers” said Poon. More information on our new hospitality service can be found on our blog post: https://www.butlerinsuits.com/why-you-need-a-hospitality-service-in-your-life/ and photos can be found here: https://goo.gl/mn52bo 


About ButlerInSuits:

Home is for living. ButlerInSuits takes care of everything else. We are a hospitality service company that provides daily housekeeping, property management, and concierge services, so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. For more tips on how we bring magic to your life, visit: butlerinsuits.com or facebook.com/ButlerInSuits

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