What you should know about property inspections in Singapore

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Effective property management requires regular property inspections.

But do you know what property inspections are about, or how to make sure you’ve paid your money’s worth?

Understanding property inspections ensures your properties are well-maintained all the time.

More importantly, property inspections are also important in preserving, even enhancing, your property’s value.

Not sure about property inspections in Singapore? Read on to find out.


Property inspections in Singapore: 5 things to take note of


1. Take note of common defects found in inspections


(image credit: The Balance Small Business) Prior to inspection, be aware of common defects on a property


There’s no question that property inspections are important in discovering defects in a property.

But if you’re unfamiliar with what defects there are and where they typically occur, your property inspection might not be spotless.

Generally, property defects can be classified into 7 broad categories:

  • Floors
  • Internal walls
  • Ceiling
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) fittings
  • Other components like carpentry

Common property defects include:

  • Chipped floor or wall tiles
  • Blistering paint
  • Window seepage
  • Defective door and window frames
  • Uneven flooring

Take note that this list is not exhaustive. Property owners are highly encouraged to do a thorough check of the property to ensure no defects get neglected.


2. Be sure of what property inspection services offer


(image credit: Okay.com) Not all property inspection services offer the same package, or look at the same things.


While ensuring that all potential defects are well-accounted for, you should also assess whether a property inspection service provider is able to meet your expectations.

Not all property inspection services are the same. Some companies may offer a one-time inspection followed up with a report, while others may provide follow-up inspections.

Also be sure to check whether your property inspection is carried out in stages by different parties, or in full by one single provider.


3. Check the credentials of property inspection services


(image credit: Mashvisor) Always verify a property inspector’s credential before any work is done.


At the same time, you should also verify whether a property inspection service is qualified and well-equipped to meet your needs.

Beyond checking whether they are certified, you should also find out:

  • How many property inspections have they conducted before?
  • What sort of properties have they inspected before?
  • Do they have the right tools to perform a proper inspection?
  • What have past customers said about them?

Additionally, make sure that property inspection services you hire follow regulatory standards.

In Singapore, professional property inspectors should check for workmanship quality in accordance with the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) standards set by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).


4. Be wary of potential conflicts of interest


(image credit: The Red Flag Group) When it comes to property inspections, avoid any conflicts of interest.


As a property owner, property inspection services should place you as their priority.

In Singapore however, some interior design firms may offer add-on property inspection services as well.

In these situations, there’s a strong conflict of interest that may work against you.

To be absolutely certain, always hire property inspection services from property inspection providers only.


5. Don’t go it alone.


(image credit: Comfy) Great property inspection requires both specialized tools and well-trained experts.


Last but not least, a thorough property inspection requires trained eyes and specialized equipment.

It’s certainly possible to try to spot defects yourself and make calls to different service contractors.

But it’s really time-consuming, and there’s no way you’ll get a quality service guarantee.

This is especially so for landed properties, given their bigger size and larger array of fittings and facilities.

Property inspection should always be done under expert guidance.

If in doubt, refrain from inspecting property by yourself. Engage a professional property inspector, or property manager to oversee the whole process.


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