A Simple Alternative to a Part-Time Helper in Singapore

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Do you employ a foreign domestic worker (FDW), or maid, in your house? While many do, with over 240,000 helpers living in Singapore, there are a number of costs that employers have to bear, from food costs to space constraints and weekly off days. This can cause many families to consider making the switch from full-time helpers to part-time helpers who do weekly housekeeping after their children grow up.

However, this means that help is only around for a certain number of set hours a week, and someone usually has to be home while the house cleaning takes place. If you’ve spent a long Saturday afternoon cooped at home because of this reason, you’ll understand why we’re suggesting an alternative.

After all, we hire someone to do the housekeeping precisely so we can have the freedom to do other tasks.

Part-Time Helpers Can Only Do So Much

In the usual four hours that a part-time helper works, she could, at most, accomplish this:

  • Do the laundry
  • Iron clothes
  • House-cleaning: sweep and mop the house

And since most part-time helpers can only work on weekends, once a week, it makes for a long week while you’re waiting for house cleaning services. At the same time, the part-time helper cannot handle emergencies or last-min cleaning, like a full-time helper.

Air-con breaks down? Your part-time helper can’t stay home and wait for the air-con men to fix it.

Hold a party on a Sunday and need the house-cleaning? She can only come over the next weekend.

Going on a holiday? She can’t let herself into the house and clean during the week.  

And we haven’t even gotten into the quality of house cleaning; it differs widely from person to person, which can be infuriating to deal with. Nobody wants to hire, and then look for a new helper every month.

That’s why we’re suggesting a professional housekeeping service instead.

What Is A Professional Housekeeping Service?

A housekeeping service, similar to your experience at a hotel, includes a team of invisible heroes working behind the scenes to ensure that your room/house always stays impeccably clean.

This can include tasks such as:

  • General house cleaning
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Deep cleaning (carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning)
  • Aircon Servicing
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Event concierge services

And, just like a hotel, you can be assured that the people working on these tasks have been trained to do them perfectly.

Housekeeping = More Convenience, Less Effort Than A Part-Time Helper

How does this save you time? Well, you can take back your weekend afternoons, since housekeeping services work during the week. While you’re busy at work, your home is getting cleaned and prepared for your return.

You only need to communicate with one person: your customer success manager, who will convey your exact preferences to the team that’s caring for your home. Instead of repeatedly telling part-time helpers to put things back in a certain spot, you can be assured that your team will follow the instructions to the letter.

If you want some ad-hoc help, or an emergency breaks out? Contact the housekeeping service, and continue on with your workday as they fix it for you. You can relax, knowing that everything will be managed efficiently, leaving you with the perfect home to go back to. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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