The Office Management Tip that All Managers should Know

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An office manager’s job is never complete; after you finish a task, another challenge always crops up. Last-minute events requiring extra pantry supplies. Office cleaners quitting. Air-cons breaking down right before their scheduled maintenance. Office supplies disappearing at ridiculous speeds (how many pens does one person even need?!)

The Big Time-Waster In Office Management

This level of small-scale multi-tasking takes a toll on your day; an entire day lost to menial administrative problem-solving means less time to focus on the big projects.

Cue 2 hours spent trying to get through the phone to that one person at the cleaning company who’s able (and willing) to send a replacement immediately:

“My people can come tomorrow.”

“No, the event is tomorrow. We need the cleaner to deep clean the meeting room today.”

“Huh, but that will be extra cost, and it’s also too late today for a replacement.”

*sigh* “…Okay, so what time can they come tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow 4pm?”

“The event is *tomorrow night*. Tomorrow morning can?”

“Er…I’ll check with my boss and call you back.” (click)


Office Managers and the Supplier List

The dreaded ‘Suppliers List’ makes this process even more complex; who hasn’t had to deal with outdated information and six different contacts for a single company?

Wouldn’t it be better if there was one single company that could do office cleaning, supplies, maintenance, and more, but at the same level of service you’ve been accustomed to?

We’ve been there; the difference is, we’ve finally cracked the code, and we want to share the joy of this simple solution:

Outsource your office management.

Office Management As A Service

Of course, we don’t mean ‘outsource your entire role’; you still need to do the reporting, HR and Finance tasks that’ll help to improve efficiency and efficacy at the office! What we’re referring to is the tasks that are routine, or menial, such as:

After all, research has shown that managers spend too much time on repetitive administrative tasks; Human Resources Online pegs the number at 36%, while an article in The Atlantic shows that ’40 percent of their working hours were spent on meetings, administrative tasks, and “interruptions”’.

Hire one company to manage all these tasks for your office, instead of doing it yourself. It saves you time, energy, and most importantly, frees up your time for the big projects you should be doing instead. These office management services can help you to reduce your ‘Suppliers List’ to just one name.

Let your office management service deal with the replenishing of office supplies and clean-up, regular air-con maintenance, and more. You won’t have to schedule any more routine tasks; they’ll manage the schedule and ensure that services are performed to the highest quality. On your end, you’ll just pay for one invoice at the end of each month for impeccable service.

You can even ask for a concierge service add-on, where they’ll help to fix any problems that crop up out of the blue. All communications and follow-ups with other vendors will be managed by the office management service, leaving you blissfully relaxed even as everyone freaks out around you. You just need to call one number, and everything will be fixed for you.

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