Butler Singapore– All In One Platform For Hospitality & Real Estate Services

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Previously known as Butler in Suits, Singapore-based hospitality startup Butler was launched by POON Da Qian in the year 2016. The prime purpose of the startup is to deliver better convenience to busy metropolitans through the integration of hospitality and real-estate management solutions into homes, workplaces, and commercial buildings. The hospitality solutions offered by Butler include services such as laundry and professional housekeeping. With Butler’s service, the need to seek the assistance of different vendors is eliminated as customers get linked to a single professional vendor for management of all their property requirements. At present, Butler is offering its service to more than 200 office managers, property managers, and apartment inhabitants. Butler is putting in plenty of endeavors to boost its revenue to $12 million by the year 2019.

Butler Closes Seed Funding To Scale Business Operations

S’pore hospitality startup Butler has closed $540,000 seed funding from existing investors, namely, Emanuele Novi, Vincenzo De Falco, and Massimo Mantero. The startup has labeled this round as the ‘Customer Round’ as the major portion of the investment has come from Butler’s own clients who have financed the startup in their capacity. Speaking of investment utilization, the company will use the seed funding to scale up its business operations in Singapore to be able to provide better services to working urbanites. In addition to that, the new capital will also be used to recruit talented personnel in Singapore such as tech developers, hospitality executives, and hustlers.

All You Need To Know About Butler’s Strategies

Butler is inordinately strategic and practical. Butler’s ultimate goal is to become a distinguished leader in the hospitality sector through the implementation of worker training and welfare. For this very purpose, the startup has established Butler Academy to provide its personnel with the in-house training program of four months for making them more competent and efficient. Upon successfully completing the course and becoming a graduate, workers can secure A1 salary packages along with a multitude of other welfare benefits. The training program launched by Butler has become a runaway success as it has played a crucial role in the amelioration of working standards. Not only that, it has inculcated confidence into workers, thereby making recruitment easier and more effective. With the recent investment, Butler is all set to take its hospitality solutions and real-estate management services to the next level.

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