ButlerInSuits rebrands as it launches B2B product

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One cool experience it will launch is a full VIP product for a company’s special clients or guests.

ButlerInSuits, a Singaporean startup that offers a full-suite of housekeeping services, has completely rebranded its corporate properties and is set to launch a B2B service.

Now known as simply Butler, the startup had offered a subscription service to homeowners that they could use to take care of various home care tasks — ranging from more traditional services like housecleaning to a more personalised service that will take care of crazy requests like ‘ticket booking’ or ‘finding the best seafood restaurant in town’.

It also offers property management and concierge services.

The logic behind moving into the B2B world is similar as what motivated them to start the company in the first place.

In September 2016, Butler was started as a weekly home cleaning service to “free up time and return home happy”. In 2019, the rationale is similar but for the corporate world: streamlining work processes to free up extra time for managing business strategy and decision-making.

“We want to help businesses free up time and focus on their work, just as we want our individual clients to free up time and return home happy. This has always been the motto of the company, and we continuously strive to enrich the lives of our clients through personalized services,” said Poon Da Qian, CEO and founder of Butler.

Businesses will be able to subscribe to Butler and have people take care of cleaning, maintaining appliances, managing company events and more. Its full-suite butler experience for corporates means building a complete experience for VIP guests or clients.

The business shift was accompanied by a rebrand of the company name (from ButlerInSuits to Butler) and a website redesign.

Butler requires its workers to through a 200-hour training process before they can take jobs via the platform.

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